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At Mahern Audio, we offer comprehensive music production services. Paul is available to mix, record and produce albums for recording artists of all types, whether independent and self-financed or label-supported. Paul's home studio is The White Arc, located in Bloomington, Indiana. The studio has a large, comfortable, open-room design with a great selection of gear and microphones available for use.

Mixing: These days, many artists are home-recording, or tracking their albums outside of the traditional recording studio. If you are looking for someone to mix your already recorded songs, Paul can help. His long list of mix credits speaks to Paul's ability to work with elements recorded by other engineers or home recordists to create the best possible mixes from the material at hand.

Recording: The White Arc is a large, fully-equipped tracking space that can comfortably record your whole band at once. We can also sweeten existing tracks with overdubs if you have a part, such as a lead vocal or drums, that won't be properly captured at home. Our studios are set up to handle a variety of analog and digital formats, so bringing your work-in-progress to us for finishing touches should be no problem at all.

Paul's time in the trenches has given him an intuitive sense of what an artist or band is trying to create, and the know-how to help manifest that vision. Whatever stage your recording is at; whether you've just started planning, you've already begun to record, or the tracking is all done and you're ready to mix, feel free to contact Mahern Audio about our services. We are absolutely committed to helping you sound your very best.

An Equipment & Instrument list can be found here.
A White Arc floor plan can be found here.


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