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Mahern Audio

Mahern Audio is the home of mastering engineer, Paul Mahern. With over 300 albums to his name, including Grammy nominated releases and several RIAA-certified gold and platinum awards, Paul has the ears and the experience to help you sound your absolute best.

Most people know that audio mastering is the final step before an album is sent out into the world, be it on CD, vinyl or in MP3 format. The job of a mastering engineer is to increase the perceived level of the music and equalize the tracks to create a consistent sound throughout the album.

But great mastering is not all math. It takes a deep instinctive understanding of the magical vibrations of music and sound and how they are perceived, not only by the ears but the entire body. Twenty-five years of experience and an intimate knowledge of the record-making process have given Paul an intuitive sense for finding and illuminating the greatness in a musical performance.

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