Mahern Audio Mastering Rates & Policies

At Mahern Audio Mastering our aim is to offer top-notch mastering services to budget-minded musicians and record labels. We deliver a product of unsurpassed quality at a fraction of the cost you might find at other mastering facilities.

Mahern Audio Mastering Rates: Our prices are extremely competitive for the experience and equipment we offer. Pricing varies depending on each customer so please contact us at to discuss your project.

Payment Policiy: All mastering jobs require pre-payment, based on audio content, before we start the mastering process. Any additional charges, such as a DDP DVD-R or extra CD-R's, will be charged and are due before delivery of your final master.

Payment Methods: We accept payment by check, cash and PayPal (for credit card transactions). Please note that PayPal payments are subject to an additional 2.9% charge to cover their fees.

For more information, or to place an order for mastering, please contact our studio manager, Kristin at

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"I worked with Apache Dropout to make a rock album that was raw, sick and wrong. We recorded and mixed at home using only analog equipment in various stages of disrepair. Despite our limitiations the mixes were suprisingly polished, but there were issues with the low end that you often encounter when mixing in an environment with less than ideal acoustics. Paul immediately understood the vibe of what we were trying to accomplish and he intuitively reigned in the low end and brought out the bite in the guitar without us even explaining what we wanted. The outboard compression and EQ used during tranfer seemed to raise to dynamic ceiling and it imparted a richer character across the whole mix. The plug-ins we used in the digital realm allowed us to carefully dip out some of the problem frequencies we couldn't deal with properly in the mix room. The record ended up sounding more vibrant and aggressive than most of the so-called rock and roll music I hear people making today."

John Dawson


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