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Mastering is a crucial step toward the final sound of your project. It takes the separate tracks and brings them together into one cohesive collection, helping your group of recorded songs sound like a great musical performance.

Most projects are mixed over several days or weeks, which tends to produce tracks with noticeably different volume and tone. It's not that the mixes are bad, just different from each other. Proper mastering uses limiting, compression and equalization techniques in order to bring a uniform overall sound to the project that is usually described as louder, brighter and punchier than the original mixes.

Mastering should also give you a final product that will translate well on a variety of playback systems. Your music should sound great in a car, at a club, or at home, whether it's coming through a high-end stereo, computer speakers or headphones. It should also hold up to any analog or digital format, be it CD, MP3 or vinyl.

At Mahern Audio Mastering, we offer a highly-skilled set of ears and a fresh perspective to your project, and that can mean the difference between a good sounding album and a great one. Paul has worked for years at every step of the recording process and we know how to get the best from your mixes. To do that, we use select analog compressors and equalizers which we believe are the key to great mastering, as they offer warmth and complexity that are simply unavailable using only digital processing.

Mastering is the last step before your music meets the world. Let us help you sound your best.

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To set up a mastering session, please send an email to We are located in Bloomington, Indiana, but most of our sessions are unattended, so you can feel comfortable sending your project to us for mastering even if you can't be here. See our pricing and policies page to understand how we work and what we charge. We offer a world-class service at low-cost, Midwestern prices.

"I'm thrilled that I had Paul Mahern master my latest CD, "Quit Your Job - Play Guitar". He knew exactly how to make my mixes sparkle. Mahern has years of experience as a mastering engineer, excellent equipment as well as a wealth of technical ability as an engineer. Paul's golden ears can't be beat. I live and work in Nashville Tennessee, and I sent my project to Paul, because I trust his ears more that any mastering engineer in Nashville."

Mark Robinson
Nashville TN


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